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Jan Caspian Flavours

A restaurant experience inspired by the golden age of the Ottoman & Persian Empires.

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Meaning of Jan

In different Eastern languages, 'jan' or 'jaan' has many meanings, all of which revolve around the joys of life. In the Caspian region, 'jan' is used exclusively as the term of endearment, love, care and affection.

Jan stands for a dearest person, a precious possession, a favourite memory, and of course that very dish that could only be described as 'my jan' of a meal.

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The Meaning of Jan

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Inspired by the golden ages of the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Dynasties, our restaurant reflects a lost decadence and grandeur enjoyed by the former rulers of the Caspian Kingdoms. These ferocious warriors and flamboyant kings enjoyed the finest of culinary feasts whilst celebrating victories on the battlefield in the sanctuary of their palaces.

Our mission is simply to make original, handmade, magically delicious dishes, not only to nourish the body and mind but the traditional Transcaucasian spirit as well.

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Jan accepts reservations as well as walk-ins. To ensure the best Jan experience, we recommend booking ahead, day or evening. Please either call the restaurant or use our OpenTable booking form...

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Caspian Influences

Little-known to London until this time, the Caspian region is full of culinary adventures and delights that entice a curious traveller. Besides the Caspian Sea, another geographically, culturally and gastronomically significant highlight of the region is its bridging of the areas of the Caucasus Mountains and the Central Asian steppes.

The present-day Caspian region can be defined as all areas immediately adjoining the coastline, as well as neighbouring countries that for centuries had been influenced by the rulers of the land: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey. This is where Jan takes it's ingredient inspirations, showcasing the delightful flavours and aromas of the East.

  • Banu Nama

    Banu Nama The Determined

  • Murad

    Murad The Daring

  • Yenicery

    Yenicery The Adventurous

  • Selim

    Selim The Sociable

  • Tamar

    Tamar The Mysterious

  • Baba Khan

    Baba Khan The Intelligent

Caspian Influences

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